The talking balloon

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Renata Buziak, Gondwanan Rainforest Canopy, 2022
Emily Marie Séguin, The talking balloon, 2023


In a room, one by one, or in teams.

With what

- A speaker or other source of sound (cell phone, radio, etc.)
- An inflated balloon or a ball made of thin rubber.


1. Place the balloon against the speaker while music is playing through it, or on the floor if the sound system is powerful enough.

2. Press your cheek against the balloon one at a time to feel the vibrations of the sound.

3. Continue the activity using different tracks!

Try something else

Make teams of two, with one person on either side of the balloon. One member of each team makes a sound with the balloon pressed to their lips while the other places their hand or cheek on the balloon. They can change the volume of their voices and their intonation, and alternate between high pitch and low pitch. What does their teammate feel? Switch roles so that everyone gets a turn making sounds and feeling them.

Talk about it

- What are the most effective sounds to make surfaces vibrate: low-pitched sounds or high-pitched sounds?
- What sound does your heart make?
- Can vibrations make us feel emotions?
- If you touch the balloon with a different part of your body, do the vibrations feel the same? And what if you close your eyes?

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