We are a landscape

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  • 10 – Północna melodia
  • 6 – Temps des moissons

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Renata Buziak, Banksia integrifolia, sweet nectar, 2017
Emily Marie Séguin, We are a landscape, 2022


In an open space. This can also be done outdoors.

With what

Rugs, mats, or blankets to be put on the ground or moved around.
You can also do this activity in just an empty space with no objects at all.


You will create a landscape with your bodies.

1. Choose a spot to represent the mountains, another for the sea, a forest, a field, a desert, a marsh, etc. The participants can stand, kneel, sit, or lie down. They can use the rugs or blankets to cover themselves or dress up as an element of a landscape (for example, a mountain or snow). The most important thing is that they are comfortable enough to hold the position.

2. On your signal and as the journey unfolds, the children change positions according to your instructions to become a different element of a landscape. In this way, you move through various territories.

3. Allow the music to inspire changes.

Pssst! You can take photos of each landscape created so you can tell the story of your “trip” afterwards!

Try something else

Curl up on the floor like seeds in the soil. Bit by bit, the seeds germinate and grow into flowers or trees. How does this plant grow? How does it react to the different seasons? Is there a soundtrack that helps it grow?

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