Sensation trail

Listening suggestions

  • 1 – Éveil
  • 6 – Temps des moissons

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Renata Buziak, Citriodora - Lemon Myrtle, 2018
Emily Marie Séguin, The sensorial path, 2022


On the floor or on several tables pushed together. The trail can be created by an adult alone, with one child, or with a small group of children who will be called “the creators.”

With what

Objects you found in nature and objects you find in the room. Try to use objects with different textures and shapes.


1. he creators make a trail on the floor (or on the tables) composed of different objects that become sensory elements. Make sure that the trail doesn’t cross over itself.

2. Invite all the participants to begin a sensory journey using their hands. Suggest that they take their time, close their eyes if possible, and listen to the soundtrack while using touch to follow the trail. Keep everyone as silent as possible.

Talk about it

- What did you feel as you followed the trail?
- What do we see when we close our eyes?
- Can objects and things tell us something? What did they tell you?
- Is there a part of the trail that you particularly liked? Why?

Share your experience !

Images, videos, sound, text: show us what you did with our suggestions!


Like a tiny forest

Water symphony

Show me the way

The impression things make

An invented language

A leaf in the wind

We are a landscape

The wind chime

Our heat

Do you hear?

The talking balloon

Sensation trail