The wind chime

Listening suggestions

  • 13 – Mshkiki
  • 15 – N-gichinedam

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Renata Buziak, Over the Lagoon, 2009
Emily Marie Séguin, Windchime, 2022

Note from the artists

In many Anishinaabeg communities, chants and songs are an integral part of the culture. They are shared with intention and often as offerings.


At the table.

With what

Sticks, string, and objects that make interesting sounds, such as shells, keys, hardened pieces of clay or playdough, metal utensils, etc.

Suggestion: Before you start the activity, ask each participant to find one object (or to bring them from home!) to create the chime together. This could even be the metal lid from a jar from the recycling bin, for example.


1. Tie each object to a piece of string.

2. Tie all the strings to a large stick in such a way that the objects will knock into each other. You can then hang the stick in your room or outside.

3. Listen to the sound of the wind chime in dialogue with the soundtrack.

Take it further

Create a sound break using the wind chime: make it sound at a specific time of the day, for example, at nap time. Or, use it for a movement activity on the theme of air.

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