An invented language

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  • 9 – Chodź, opowiem ci

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Renata Buziak, Sunrise conversations, 2019
Emily Marie Séguin, Invented language, 2022

Note from the artists

Over 70 different languages were spoken by the Indigenous peoples of this land. Language plays an integral role in culture because it transmits the relationship between the Earth and living creatures. Do you know which territory you’re on? What language is spoken, or used to be spoken, here?


Anywhere, on the bus, in a classroom, while walking, in pairs, in a circle or in a group.

With what

Your bodies and your voices.


Invent a wacky and spontaneous language, which can turn into a game.
It can start as a discussion between two or three people, a story told in a circle, or a group exploration. How long can it last before you start laughing?

Talk about it

- What sounds make you laugh? Which words do you find really funny?
- Is it possible to understand each other without using words?
- What happens when we hold too many words inside, in our tummies, in our heads, or in our hearts?

Share your experience !

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Like a very small forest

Water symphony

Show me the way

The impression things make

An invented language

A leaf in the wind

We are a landscape

The wind chime

Our heat

Do you hear?

The talking balloon

Sensation trail