Show me the way

Listening suggestions

  • 7 – Spoktanie
  • 4 – Ìshkode-odaabaan
  • 10 – Północna melodia

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Renata Buziak, Hardenbergia violacea … blood-purifier… , 2015
Emily Marie Séguin, Show me the way, 2023

Note from the artists

When you’re out gathering objects, take the time to say, “Hello!” to the Earth and to thank Her for the little gifts She offers us, but which do not belong to us. When you’re finished with the objects you found, don’t throw them out! Put them back outside to return them to their home.


At the table.

With what

A large piece of paper, one pencil per person, small objects found in nature such as pine cones, twigs, or stones, gathered in advance.


1. Take an object and put it on the paper in front of you. Place your pencil so that it touches the object, with the lead to the paper.

2. Play the soundtrack.

3. The pencil pushes the object across the paper while at the same time following its trajectory. At the end, you will have traced a continuous line that represents the signature of the object; it is the object that guides the drawing.

4. You can repeat the activity using a different object and observe the differences. The final form of the drawing doesn’t really matter. The point is to explore movement influenced by objects and music.

Try something else

Repeat the activity, but using music with a different rhythm. Do you notice any differences in the finished drawing?

Talk about it

- If there was no music or no object, would the lines you drew be the same?
- If several children used the same object for the activity, are the results the same? Why?
- Is the result always the most important thing?

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