A leaf in the wind

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  • 8 – Grands vents
  • 13 – Mshkiki

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Renata Buziak, Zoe’s Rainbow, 2019
Emily Marie Séguin, A leaf in the wind, 2022


In an open space. This can also be done outdoors.

With what

Dead leaves you found in advance.


1. Take a leaf in your hand and make it “fly in the wind” using your entire body. You can move around freely, spin in circles, lie on the ground, etc.

2. Give your leaf to the next person once you are done. They will then take the leaf and move around in the space however they please.

3. If you’re in a group, wait until everyone has understood how the game works. Then you can increase the number of leaves (and thereby, participants) dancing in the wind at the same time.

4. Use music to modify the rhythm of your movements. Don't forget to explore different levels - up, down, all around!

Pssst! A note to adults: don’t be shy to join in the dance!

Talk about it

- Why does the wind blow?
- What do you feel when you’re outside in the wind?
- Where does the wind come from? Where does it go?
- If we were able to see the wind, what would it look like?

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