Do you hear?

Listening suggestions

  • 1 – Éveil
  • 12 –Słyszysz?

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Renata Buziak, …... … … … ., 2018
Emily Marie Séguin, Do you hear, 2023

Note from the artists

We are constantly surrounded by sounds. In a way, they are the soundtrack of our lives. We can better understand the universe and our place in it by taking a moment to listen.


Together outside, in the yard or in a park.

With what

Your ears and your voices!


1. Before going outside, listen to tracks 1 and 12. Which sounds can you identify?

2. Go outside and spend some time listening. Are you able to listen in silence? Are you able to close your eyes while you listen?

3. One at a time, name a sound that you hear and try to reproduce it, individually or together. Encourage the children to guess where the sound comes from.

4. After everyone has taken their turn but while you are still outside, talk about your experiences. You can use the questions below as a prompt.

Talk about it

- Which sounds do you notice the most? Do you hear more city sounds or nature sounds?
- Do the sounds make you feel any emotions?
- Did you hear the sound of water? If so, where do you think it’s coming from?
- What was your favourite sound to hear or reproduce?

Take it further

Once you’re back inside, try to reproduce the sounds you heard outside to create the soundtrack of your space!

Share your experience !

Images, videos, sound, text: show us what you did with our suggestions!


Like a tiny forest

Water symphony

Show me the way

The impression things make

An invented language

A leaf in the wind

We are a landscape

The wind chime

Our heat

Do you hear?

The talking balloon

Sensation trail