Like a tiny forest

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  • 12 – Słyszysz ?

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Renata Buziak, Harrigans Lane Horizon, 2019
Emily Marie Séguin, Like a tiny forest, 2022


At the table.

With what

- Modelling clay
- Twigs, leaves, pine needles, and other objects found in nature.


1. Make balls out of the modelling clay.

2. Flatten the balls a little and plant the objects you found in nature into them. Once you have made several, put them together and you will have a miniature forest!

Talk about it

- What can we find in this forest? A stream, a pond, a rocky path? What if we listen to find out?
- Are all forests the same? What makes a forest special?
- Have you ever been to a forest? What did you like about the time you spent there?
- Who lives in your forest (ex: plants, insects, birds, animals)?
- When is the last time you stood by a tree and told it that you loved it? Do you think that trees listen to us?
- Does the forest talk? What does it say?
- Can a single tree be a forest? What makes a forest a forest?
- How can we protect the forest and be friends with it?
(For example, by picking up litter we find along the way, by not throwing anything on the ground, etc.)

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Like a tiny forest

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