Our heat

Listening suggestions

  • 3 – Résistance
  • 4 – Ìshkode-odaabaan
  • 6 – Temps des moissons

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Renata Buziak, Banksia integrifolia, sweet nectar, 2017
Emily Marie Séguin, Our heat, 2023

Note from the artists

Fire is necessary to our life and its heat is a form of energy. We are able to create heat and to share it. We sit in a circle so that we can see each other as equals.


Seated on the floor in a circle, or face to face if there are two of you.

With what

Your bodies and a candle (optional).


1. If possible, light a candle. Each person can blow it out, or simply look at it.

2. Sitting together, put both your hands on the floor. Is the floor cold?

3. Next, put your hands in front of your mouth and take a few deep breaths. Is your breath hot or cold?

4. Put your hands on your arms or necks to feel the temperature of your hands.

5. Rub your hands together for the duration of a soundtrack (see listening suggestions).

6. When the soundtrack is over, put you hands on your arms or necks again to feel the heat.

Talk about it

- How does heat make you feel? Which emotions come up?
- Is there a difference between the warmth of your breath, the warmth produced by rubbing your hands together, and the warmth shared between you and other people?
- What memories does warmth bring up for you?
- Can you name other sources of heat (the Sun, decomposing plants, etc)?
- What is the importance of fire and heat in our daily lives?

Take it further

Rub your hands together again.
This time, once your hands are warmed up, hold them against another person’s hands.

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